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Geolinks is a peer to peer marketplace for artistic creations across a wide range of mediums and materials.

We believe that a thirst for artistic beauty and design is central to being human, yet it frequently does not find fulfillment in our lives. This is what we enable: we connect appreciators of art and design with creators of uniquely designed or handmade works that, we hope, will enrich your living spaces and enlarge your sense of beauty and joy and will help us to make earth plastic free.
Geolinks is a forum where artists and designers showcase their work for direct purchase by clients who would otherwise never encounter their creations

Yes, we’re discerning and we don’t compromise on quality in the works we choose to offer. Yet our tastes are eclectic enough to not limit ourselves to narrow ideas of creativity.
Do check out our gallery section to know what best we offer to make earth green and clean.

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.

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Our company aims to provide green solutions.

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